Have severe lower backpain left and right side, no solution from doctors?

Have severe lower backpain left and right side, been for xray, loss of lordosis, went for physiotherapy and to chiropractor still no relief, did mri no findings, went to orthopedic surgeon, said there is no issue with spine, referred to gaestro physician, did endoscope, colonoscopy, ultrasound of abdomen, blood test and urine tests still nothing, what more can I do to find cause? Feeling sick all the time, no appetite, losing weight, frequent urination, inconsistent bowel movements.

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6:14 am

you seem to have done almost everything to come to a diagnosis.
But there surely should be some underlying problem that may be causing you pain.
Get a lumbar puncture done to find any CNS related issues.
Consult a neurologist.

Ayman Darrag
6:17 am

Would you please tell me your age and sex?

Ahmed Fawzy
10:35 am

If your a femal you could have PCOS if not then you need a urine analysis , try standing on your heels with ankle dorsiflexed with knees extended while leaning forwards for 30 sec , if pain goes away then your problem can be fixed with physical therapy focused on ilieopsoas and back muscle streching
Good Luck

10:54 am

Male age 43, no previous medical conditions.

Ayman Darrag
1:39 pm

Well in my opinion you need to try going for a fasting and postprandial blood levels and the back pain could be irrelevant to other symptoms …
Loss of lumbar curve is a sign of sever paraspinal muscle spasm that can cause severe pain and physiotherapy can help you..other possibility is IBS ..

Masr Fawzy
5:13 pm

U may have been suffering osteoporosis, and spastic colon , or UTI
Also u need to start more classical, do urine analysis, thyroid profile, are u having any git symptoms, flatulance , diarrhea , constipation