I had ovarian cancer and reflux surgery I still deal with constant nausea. I can barely eat, and I am unable to live life and go anywhere?

In 2009, I had surgery to remove a very large ovarian tumor (it was a rare cancer that grew big but did not spread, so I was left with one ovary). They made a vertical cut down my entire midline from just under the breastbone all the way down past the belly button. After I recovered, I felt fine, although my abdominal muscles stuck out some, of course. In 2010, I got pregnant and had constant nausea throughout (which at the time I attributed to the pregnancy). I had a C-section in 2011. After the C-section, I still had the constant, debilitating nausea and couldn’t function. It never went away. I had an upper endoscopy done, which showed evidence of GERD (I had wearing away of the esophagus). I tried all sorts of over-the-counter and prescription meds for reflux and nausea, but none helped. A couple years later, I had a laparoscopic Nissen surgery done (which wraps the stomach around the LES to prevent reflux). The surgeon said I had a small hernia, which he did not fix since he said it was very small. I had slight improvement after my reflux surgery, but not much. I still deal with constant nausea. I can barely eat, and I am unable to live life and go anywhere. I am housebound, and at times, bedridden. I am only 38 years old. Obviously my abdominal muscles were cut in half vertically during the tumor surgery of 2009. I suspect that the pregnancy made things worse. I still have some protrusion of my abdominal muscles, as my belly sticks out, as though I am pregnant (I’m not). I’ve tried to do rehab exercises for a possible diastasis recti, but this only causes more nausea. Is it possible that a small hernia and/or diastasis recti could cause this constant nausea? Is there anything else, anatomically, that could be out-of-whack? Could the stomach be pushed out and thus not be in the right position? Is there anything that can be done to fix my constant nausea? It’s not something I can live with. (My ovarian cancer is not the cause, since I’ve been tested, and it has not come back.) Please help!

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5:04 am

recurrence of ovarian cancer does not seem to be the possibilty.
an untreated hernia that you mentioned seems to be causing the trouble.
a diagnostic endoscopy and repair of that hernia can provide you much relief.

8:18 am


Ayman Darrag
8:28 am

The possibility in my opinion is hiatal hernia causing acid reflux in your esophagus and this alleviates nausea.
Weak abdominal muscles and so diaphragm weakness can increase the possibility of the stomach to bulge upwards through your diaphragm to the thtiacic cavity and so causing nausea also..
An new endoscopy and repair of the hiatsl hernia can be the solution of your problem.
Consider deep diaphragmatic breathing exercise to strength your diaphragm.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:29 am

In my opinion you had no GERD you had this stomach herina that was misdiagnosed as GERD
Do hernia surgery you will be back to normal

shalini p
12:04 pm

hello there
cancer has nothing to do with these symptoms.
get LFTs done. digestion problems can also cause such symptoms.
take care