I have diarrhea and found lumps on rectal area?

I recently have been having a lot of diarrhea and has.causing me to wipe a lot for several days. I started to feel a burn in my anal area which I assumed was from wiping so much. But then I felt these bumps so now I’m worried. I think they were once filled with clear fluid and then popped (so the picture was taken after being popped) and there’s also more bumps than shown in the picture on the outside.

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:47 pm

This either HSV type 2 (snap herpes) or anal yeast infection , I recommend you see a dermatologist to confirm which one, if you recently had sex with a stranger you can suspect HSV type 2
Sorry, good luck

Ayman Darrag
10:08 pm

have you been recently sexually active?
in my opinion they could be hpv or hsv transmitted STD..
if so then see an infectiology doctor for proper viral treatment.

4:15 am

this seems to be an STD.
get checked for HPV.
take prebiotics/probiotics for diarrhoea.
start on oflaxacin and ornidazole for 7 days.
maintain adequate hydration.
drink plenty of fruit juices.

Masr Fawzy
10:58 am

Its either herpes simplex 2 or other STD
Antiviral medication will help alot,
But u need to do STD screening test regularly if u are active sex , but my advice, have a protected sex beside avoid having sex with multiple partners,