I have had a bacterial infection, need doctor advice?

Age 21
Not sure how long I have had a bacterial infection
Had std test : negative
Hiv test: negative
White cottage discharge in the past
Yellow and white discharge in the recent past month
Had vagina pain
Currently no strong odor or discharge
Used minicazole, examined by health department but no mouth swab done
Got an examination swab at a walking clinic seen as bacterial so I was prescribed diflucon, metronidazole then my tongue had red spots on my taste buds every time I touch the back I have a gag reflex tongue was white inflamed and dry
Felt burning when peeking usually so far no discharge after taking zithromax to clear the bacteria in my mouth when I used the bathroom tonight I didn’t feel burning before going to sleep

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3:00 am

it seems to be a resistant yeast infection.
the exact organism needs to be sorted out by doing a proper culture and sensitivity.
does not seem to be a urinary tract infection.
for vaginal infection,you can try a vaginal pessary.
get a blood investigation done to asses the level of your immunity.
you seem to be prone for infection due to low immunity.

Ayman Darrag
8:02 am

Recurrent bacterial infection which may turn to MRSA,you are using abtifungals and antibacterials or antibiotics more than it should be..in my opinion you should focus on strengthening your immunity and taking more hygienic measures for your self..
Eat healthy diet practice exercise and yoga..
Try urine culture if you experienced recent burning to detect the exact bacteria and get the proper antibiotic ..

Ahmed Fawzy
1:28 pm

This is probably candida infection (yeast)
I recommend culture to determine resistance, until then stay on your current medications for 2 weeks
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
6:28 pm

What is your complain now??
I did not get it