My mother is suffering from a medical condition of displacement in back bone?

Hi I’m (…),my mother is suffering from a medical condition of displacement in back bone due to lifting a weight and now she cannot stand straight up she is being bent forward to a certain 30 to 40 degree’s of angle and her left leg is also been a bit folded inwards too much severe pain she is feeling in her whole, consulted a surgeon and treatment is carried on yet no sign of a cure or relief also he didn’t mentioned any word to describe her condition I have digital xrays I can send you also the prescription advised for next 6 weeks.

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Ayman Darrag
7:00 pm

Actually I need more history details about her age ! What was the treatment done by the surgeon? Had she a MRI ?I am suspecting a lumber disc lesion ..
Can she move her legs? Even with pain?
Also try sending the rest of the reports and prescriptions
I am expecting your answer soon

Ahmed Fawzy
8:00 pm

The condition you are referring to is called spondylolisthesis , which honestly I do not see in the x ray, I recommend an MRI as I suspect disk protrusion at L5/S1
Until then I advise wearing a back brace and staying on anti inflammatory next step will be physical therapy
Good Luck

2:57 am

there is no displacement of any bones but she seems to be having a slipped disc at L4-5 level due to lifting heavy weight.
Physiotherapy in the form of lumbar / leg traction,short wave diathermy,LASER therapy will help.
She should avoid lifting heavy weight,avoid bending forward.
Using lumbosacral belt for spine support and analgesic / pregabalin,methycobalamin tablets will be helpful.

Masr Fawzy
6:33 am

I think you need to do MRI…