Removed desmoid tumor is it life threatening, here are pathology report findings?

My mother who is 67 years old has had a surgery to remove a tumor which was called desmoid tumor. Resection margin are free. No other remarkable changes could be detected according to the pathology report.

Most likely there is no families fap.

Please I want to know how dangerous it is on health and life considering its size, place and my mother’s age. And the chance of having fap considering her age and the place of the tumor (abdominal wall)

Pathology report:

Gross :excision biopsy of soft tissue specimen 5×4 cm showing firm pale whitish mass 2×2 cm measuring 2 cm from nearest margin.

Microscopic: examination reveals infiltrative fibromatosis, consisting of interlacing spindle cell bundles, separated by collagenous stroma with mild cellular pleomorphism. Mitosis is not a marked feature. Some lymphocytic infiltration are seen. Besides blood vessels are well formed. Resection margin are free. No other remarkable changes could be detected.

Conclusion :desmoid tumor – infiltrative fibromatosis
Resection margin are free

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:49 am

In my oponion

Ahmed Fawzy
12:53 am

In my opinion here is no reason to worry and very low possibility of leukemia or malignancy, also free Resection margin means low chance of desmoid tumor recurrence
Good Luck

5:05 am

the pathological findings are good and there are no signs of infiltration.
Clear resection margins indicate that it is a non-proliferative type of tumor.
No signs of malignant infiltration at present.
However,regular follow ups anticipating recurrence of the lesion are recommended.

Ayman Darrag
6:28 am

It is not life threatening firstly..
Primary surgery with negative surgical margins is the most successful primary treatment modality for desmoid tumors.
Negative surgical margins are of low recurrence rate.

Masr Fawzy
11:23 pm

What do u mean by fap??

Masr Fawzy
11:26 pm

Anyways, recurrence is high in such tumors, but what decrease the rate of recurrence is negative risk factors like no family history and excision was with free margins