There is bright red blood from my anus when I have bowel movement and when urinating?

Hello, I’m female 25yrs, 5’3 130lbs, on and off for the past few months when I use the toilet, there is bright red blood from my anus. Sometimes it’s mucusy. It’s not only when I have a bowel movement. Sometimes my anus will bleed bright red blood when I pee too. I tried eatting more fiber, eatting less fiber, drinking more water, it’s totally random. It’s not painful. What’s causing this?

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:55 pm

If you are not an alcoholic then I recommend a rectal endoscopy, source of bleeding is probably in your colon, I recommend not ignoring it, it can be simple hemorrhoids or a small tumor
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
10:11 pm

most probably it is hemorrhoids..use a topical anti haemorrhoidal cream,use warm sitz baths and keep your diet rich in fiber all the time.

4:20 am

this seems to be heamorrhoids or anal fissure.
However a rectal polyp or a malignant growth should be ruled out by getting a thorough rectal examination and a colonoscopy done.
high fibre diet with plenty of fluids is recommended.

Masr Fawzy
11:45 am

Make your dictor take a close look.. and examine, also try to feel ot by yourself if there is mas like protruding from tje anus woth or without straining or not
if nothing appears , go for investigations with dye .. lower git endoscopy is diagnostic Most probably its piles ,however, u need a good physical examination, that can confirm it…