I had E. coli infection now have blood clots, what’s going on?

I am a 23 year old female i am 5’6″ I weigh 173 lbs my medications I am on consist of 30mg ER Cymbalta,Mitalax,Lactulose,Senkonot,and stool softeners. It started out 4 years ago when I had my daughter Via C-Section and got a E.coli blood infection with 6 blood transfusions, i am very Anemic always have been, 9 months after my infection they found a herniated disc in my L4-L5 region I had surgery to decrease the bulge to only return 4 months later after about a year of physical therapy Gabapentin, and no relief they did another MRI to find the disc bulging again so second surgery still maybe a month relief then i got on a pain management program that prescribed Morphine 30mg ER every 12hrs and 15 IR 1/2 tab every 8 hrs about two years into the program i couldn’t handle the pain meds and still had no relief and sever constipation, so I’ve been off for two or so years. I got the IUD in my arm and experienced frequent UTI and yeast infections and hormone imbalance was always 140lbs-145lbs so they took the IUD and referred me to a thyroid specialist and they tested my thyroid levels and said nothing was wrong with no explanation of the discharge and infections was told I have to live worth it my results as of 1/30/17 TSH 0.37 T3,TOTAL RSLT 140.6 and T4 TOTAL RSLT 7.3. I was put on the Nuvarin but stopped due to massive discharge,fatigue, severe constipation, and discomfort about a month ago i started yo gain weight now I’m ip to almost 40lbs at 172lbs.. I was referred to a gastroenterologist for a possible colonoscopy after being hospitalized for blood clots in my stool but I couldn’t flush my system with anything help me what’s going on?


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