We lost our only daughter 1 year ago, I have severe upper back pain, head ache,memory loss and difficultly breathing?

I am 28yr old. We lost our only daughter 1 year ago, she was our only hope and purpose of living, and our life. She was only 5.11yr old. She had viral fever, after few medical tests, medicines and treatment it became normal and suddenly at night she passed away within few seconds. We couldn’t do anything. Since then we lost our hope and belief on every thing and everyone. Few months ago we expected the same baby but it got abortion with no reason. Then had surgery for cleaning and complete abortion. Since then we completely lost trust and hope on life. Since then I feel weak in my palm and feet, I feel swelling and difficult to close fist and pain. I feel difficulty in breathing, I can’t breathe like before. Sometimes at night I feel so hard to breathe like going to die. I have severe upper back pain, head ache. And memory loss. Sometimes can’t remember about the breakfast which I ate. Can’t do any work. Digestion problem. Lot of confusion. No trust on anyone. Sometimes I feel like slight shock in chest and can’t breathe or move for sometime, it’ll be painful. I feel my entire body weak. What do I do?

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6:29 am

you seem to still be in a shock after that unfortunate incident happened.
Sorry to hear about it.
You are in a state of depression and you should not lose hope.
Consult a good counsellor.
Start on anti-depression drugs to get out of this fast.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:44 am

I am very sorry for your loss , in my opinion you are suffering from sever depression and having panic attacks , i recommend that you see a psychiatrist, untill then 10 mg hydroxyzine every 12 hours will help you alot
Life is ahead of you , i hope you get a new healthy baby soon , hope i was of help.
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:43 am

First I am very sorry for your loss and I understand what you have gone through . may God gives you strength and patience.
In my opinion you are suffering peripheral neuropathy and psychological anxiety disorder..
You need to see a Neuro psychiatrist and increase your vitamin b intake in your diet..


Masr Fawzy
10:52 am

I am really sorry for your loss, it s too much burden , u are a fighter to keep going after all these painful events, i recommend you to consult a psychaitrist , or even group therapy will be great to share your feeling, but also we need to make sure that nothing is going wrong with you medically, do cbc , RBS , kidney function test..
Also full neurological examination is recommended

I am quite sure u will pass this