I had a soft tissue contrast neck MRI, it was a terrible experience is this normal?

Hello i had soft tissue contrast neck mri last Saturday. I felt burning sensation at the back of my head after 10 min..i thought i should bare it.When the technician took me out I told her she said if you sure to continoue it is your choose.. i asked how many min left i was there already 20 min she said 5 i said i decided to continoue but 2 days feeling headache and burning sensation is still continue at the back of my head burning sensation some pain behind my left ear..it was a terrible experience to go through with it..

I always feel tired when wake up in the morning, my eyes feel like a lead?

i am 29 years old and female. i always feel tired when wake up in the morning, my eyes feel like a lead. Sometimes feels so tired that i don’t realize the whole day has passed. Big appetite, always hungry. Sleep 6 hours a day or more but still tired. my brain feel like in haze. Sweat a lot. My hands are dry but my face and whole body is wet because of sweat. i tested for hyperthyroid before, took medication and my tsh level went back normal. But my symptoms didn’t go away. The doctor tested my blood three more times but the result was normal. i cannot tolerate heat. my hands always feel like they’re burning up. i just want to know is it normal to feel this tired

I have made Hiv 1/2 + p24 antigen test, am I free from HIV?

Dear Dr.. I had an intercourse with an escort 5,5 month ago. I have made Hiv 1/2 + p24 antigen test after 36 days, after that Anti Hiv 1/2 test at 88. days and finaly Anti Hiv 1/2+p24 antigen test after 166 days. All Results was negative.I have some questions, Pls answer all of themwith detail. 1-Ithink Anti Hiv 1/2+p24 antigen test is 4. generation test detect both IgM and IgG antibodies and antigen.. and the test I made at 88.day Anti Hiv 1/2 is 3.generation test detect only IgG and IgM antibodies..2 – After 166 days Do you assure that I’m totally free and conclusive my test. One of my doctors Who I wen to consult ( 7 doctors ) say 6 month is conclusive.Is it realy true 3 – According to secod question have you ever heard of someone testing negative at the 3 month but turn positive at the 6 month.Finaly If 6 months is correct…Is it possible to chance my result from negative to positive in 14 days ( 180 days – 166 days )..
4 – I’m afraid to have sex with my wife…Can I have sex without any afraid.

Concerned about my daughter’s recent blood work?

Concerned about my daughter’s recent blood work. My daughter is Caucasian, 7 years old, about 50″ tall, and 54 lbs. She is taking Vyvanse 20mg for ADHD and Zarontin for CAE. She just started the Zarontin early February. Recently she hasn’t been sleeping well. She has swollen lymph nodes on her neck (one has been there for a while, and she is due for an Ultra Sound of neck soon). Her PCP did some blood work yesterday, and some of the results make me wonder what is going on with me baby? Today she was sleepy most of the day.
The numbers that have me the most concerned are:
ANC (absolute Neutrophil count) – 1.0 Low
WBC (White Blood Cell) – 2.6 Low [yet was 4.8 three weeks ago] -what can cause this drop?
Globulin 1.9 Low
Monocyte 19.0% High

What can cause this deviation from the normal ranges? and the big drop in WBC?

High thyroid level, is surgery or nuclear medicine better?

am suffering from last nineteen years hyper thyroid first year am taking neo mercazole 5 mg tablet ( 3 numbers ) propal10 ( propatheline ) TAKE THE MEDICINE IN 6 MONTHS AFTER TO STOP MEDICINE. TWO YEARS LATER THE symptoms have begun again I am taking medicine neomercazole 20 mg and atonale 50 mg,
now my thyroid level is high my physician advises me surgery to remove the gland can you suggest is better nuclear medicine or is better in surgery

I had a minor heart attack/myocardial infarction?

Hi, I am a 25 year old male. I have been very fatigued for about a week and having numbness in my left arm and chest pain and shortness of breath. About three days ago I felt like I was going to pass out. I had time to go to a urgent care today and they advised going to the ER. The ER did a EKG and said they think I had a minor heart attack/myocardial infarction. My chest X-ray and cardiac enzymes were normal so they said I am stable now and can return to normal activity but to follow up with a cardiologist. Is this correct or is the EKG just affected by being nervous about being in the ER

I’ve just turned 40 and have advanced glaucoma started having confused episodes?

I’ve just turned 40 and have advanced glaucoma. I am taking Duotrav. The minute I started taking it I became very tired, then started having confused episodes. My weight was jumping around, I’d eat 1000 calories in a day and gain 2 or 3 pounds. Been on it 10 weeks. I’ve now got swollen feet, knees and thighs. It is getting worse, this morning I pulled an empty wheelie bin 15 metres and became out of breath and dizzy. My chest felt tight too. It has gone now, but I can’t see my opthalmologist for a few days. A few weeks ago, I had a sudden attack where I felt like the room was spinning violently and I ended up on the floor in a cold sweat.
Is this a medical emergency or should I just wait and see my opthalmologist? I live a long way from the nearest hospital and it would take a lot of energy to travel to it, but I have children and don’t want to risk my health.
I was fit before I started on this medicine, I ran a marathon less than 4 months ago.
The medication I take for my advanced glaucome is Duotrav, I also take cod liver oil, 200mg of ferrous sulphate, a multi vitamin and 5000iu of vit D3. I’m 5ft 4in and I weigh around 145 pounds. I have pre-diabetes. I had asthma as a child, but grew out of it.

I have been feeling extremely exhausted and unable to do basic tasks, need advice ?

I am 25 year old Female iron 3.3. I have been feeling extremely exhausted and unable to do basic tasks, Anytime I walk outside or do anything my heart races immediately. I have had times where have felt faint, I did hear ringing in my ears, my hands and feet started tingling and my heart raced and on on occasion of this episode everything went black and I passed out. Thankfully these episodes do not happen very much, they are not brought on by anything are appear to be completely at random,
All of this lead me to get some blood work done. I realize that I have very low iron of 3.3 in addition to that my transferrin saturation is a 4.9
This is what I have read online
:Iron deficiency is diagnosed by a transferrin saturation of less than 16%. The serum iron is low and the total iron binding capacity is usually increased.
Patients with low total iron binding capacity have anaemia of chronic disease if the transferrin saturation is ≥16% or iron deficiency along with anaemia of chronic disease if the transferrin saturation is <16% Serum Ferritin test. Results can be high in IDA and usually low in ACD, in ACD it can be dangerous and even fatal to take iron": what im trying to figure it out is why is my transferrin satuation not going and are very low at 4.9% even when my iron is very low 3.3 ... also my transferrin recepters are within normal range. ferritin is 9 Hemoglobin 113 Hematocrit 35% I do not show signs of inflammation or sweeling because of the CRP, my liver appears to be fine I had my thryiod tested that is also fine.. Vit B, C folic Acid also fine. All I have read says that in normal iron deficiency receptors and saturation should go up in order to recieve more iron but I cannot figure out what it means if they dont, and if I take irons supplements can this be dangerous because there is nothing for the iron to bind to? Could this mean I have some type of Bacteria or cancer my body is hidding the iron from? So to summarize my questions are. 1. What kind of additional tests if any do I need to take to diagnoses what type of Anemia have or what is the cause of my Anemia. 2. Why is my Transferrin Satuation so low what could be some reason? 3. In any diseases or infection wouldn't my CRP raised? is this a sign that I do not have a infection or bacteria or disease etc. 4. Is it dangerous for me to take iron supplements? Could this be a bacteria or cancer that my body is hidding the iron from? 5. Is having such low Iron a liability or dangerous to me? I do feel awful but I was just wondering if this is also a concern. Any recommendation are greatly appreciated I am desperate for any help anyone can give. Thankyou

I have all the classic signs of hypothyroidism but lab results normal. Where to go from here?

I have all the classic signs of hypothyroidism, fatigue, inability to lose weight, dependent edema, dry skin, constipation, always cold and difficulty focusing. I had lab work done doc says its normal(TSH 0.91; T4 6.32; T3 96.38; FT32.68; and FT4 1.05). Do you have any suggestions of where to go from here?

While admitted in hospital My amylase and lipase percentage has been 5 time the normal range?

Hi, My amylase and lipase percentage has been 5 time the normal range high due to acute pancreatitis. While admitted in hospital, the WBC count was also abnormally high which has now been under control, however the lipase and amylase enzyme range is still alarmingly high. Please suggest medication to control the same and to help bring down the levels to the normal reference range of under 140 U/L

Diabetes patient wants to avoid dialysis as far as possible underwent AVF surgery, why is creatinine levels high?

My father is 67 years old and has been suffering from diabetes since the past 25 years and it has now affected his kidneys.

In October 2016 his creatinine was 2.92 and we were informed that he is suffering from CKD. Later in December 2016 his creatinine was reported to be 3.0 . In January 2017 creatinine arose to 4.77 and he had lost his appetite and had become very inactive for which he had to be admitted to the hospital. On 25th of Jan creatinine was recorded to be at 6.7 and within two days on the 27th of Jan it was reported to be 7.7 with all medications in place as listed below.

His diabetes is between 130-200 between fasting and post lunch. We were informed that diabetes is within control. His BP is reported at an average of 137 to 140 everyday. ECG and 2Decho look good as informed. His potassium is currently 4.2, Haemoglobin is low at 8.

He is taking the following medicines, daily dosage recommendations is also mentioned below:
1]Ceftum 1-0-1
2]Crocin 1-1-1
3]Dytor 40 1-1-0
4]Nicardia 1-0-1
5]Prazopress xl2.5 0-0-1
6]Sobisis forte 1-1-1
7]Eido Fe 0-1-0
8]Gemcal 0-1-0
9]Rantac-D 1-0-1
10]Ecosprin75 0-1-0
11]Flavedon Mr 1-0-1
12]Trica 0.25 0-0-1
13]Rocartor 0.25 1-0-0
14]Neogadine2.5 1-0-1
15]Duphlac 1-0-1

Insulin (Novarapid) 10-10-4

Please let me know the foll as we want to avoid dialysis as far as possible. He is recently undergone AVF surgery as just a precautionary measure for dialysis:

1]Inspite of all this medication why is creatinine still on the rise.
2]If any of the above medicine is causing rise in creatinine.
3]Is there any other medication that can reduce creatinine. I had come across a post which mentioned that wysolone and Ketosteril can reduce creatinine effectively, please suggest if this could help us.