Can I take Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) tablets while having a contraception implant?

I am 50 years old and have a contraception implant. I am going through the menopause can I take HRT tablets if I have this implant. Can you please advise me I would appreciate you assistance. My blood pressure is fine and my weight is as well and just been seen by a Nurse..

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:36 am

I recommend removing the implant before taking Hormone replacement therapy
Good Luck

5:24 am

both of them should not be taken at the same time.
Either avoid HRT or remove the implant atleast 1 month before commencement of HRT

Masr Fawzy
9:18 am

In all cases , the implant should be removed… As there is no need for it and u r subjected to its complications….

Dr.Honey Arora
11:27 am

Thanks for the query,,

Well,contraception implant itself have hormone releasing channels that are helpful in contraception, so you should not take Hormone replacement when you are already having an implant..
You should always consult a trained Gynaecologist and get evaluated and in case if you want to get the HRT first get the impalnt removed, get a proper hormonal profile done and then accordingly proceed for taking any medications..

Hope this information helps..


Ayman Darrag
1:57 pm

You should get the device removed ,then you can use HRT after …