I broke my collarbone back in 2009, my chest seems to have become a bit deformed since the incident?

Hi there, I broke my collarbone back in 2009 when a girl tackled me onto my side onto ice. I passed out so I’m not entirely sure how I fell, but I know I fell on my shoulder hard and must have hit my head as well. My collarbone broke in 3 spots on my right side. I was 13 at the time so doctors freaked me out a lot, but they still kind of do. Enough for me not to want to visit the doctors regarding this issue a least.

Anyways, my chest seems to have become a bit deformed since the incident. From my collarbone down to between my breast, the centre of my chest protrudes enough that it makes my breasts push downwards and outwards a bit. It’s not painful at all unless I lay on my stomach and have pressure on my chest for too long, but it’s definitely not something I’d like to deal with the rest of my life. I was wondering if anything could maybe be done without surgery, like a posture sling or compression on the chest of some sort… I tried to take a photo but without completely exposing myself, it’s very hard to show what I mean. It’s like a pigeon chest, but what I’ve noticed about pigeon chests is that it seems to be lower and not start by the collarbone, and that it then sinks in as well as protrude, which mine does not.

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:51 pm

Unfortunately your only option would be surgical if your collar bone is shorter on one side the the other
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:25 am

Most probably the fractures of your clavicle experienced malunion and this has deformed the upper chest posture, surgical interference may work but I am not sure about the efficacy of conservative management of the problem with sling or exercise.. I would much appreciate if you uploaded the photo from anterior and side views , or get an xray done ..

Dr.Honey Arora
12:45 pm

Although your explanation is pointing towards getting surgical correction as it looks.like displacement and malunion of bone bit still before I can give a more precise advise I would like to see your x-ray to rule out the exact problem..

Hope this helps .


Domina Zluf
1:51 pm

It is my opinion that in your case surgery is the best option.