I have been suffering from prostatitis, there is presence of pseudomonas fluorescens, need second opinion?

Hello. I have been suffering from prostatitis with many symptoms (painful urination and after urination, sometimes painful ejaculation, right testicle pain, genital tenderness…). I have done many exams such as urine test, blood tests, semen tests, prostatic fluids exam after prostatitc massage. I have been on various antibiotics for various duration, but condition never gets really better. I did last week new prostatic fluid exam and the results are presence of pseudomonas fluorescens. My doctor here in Japan says that it is present is all people and therefore not the cause of my pain. He doesnt prescribe me antibiotics but since I have bacteria which has been cultured, I wonder why I dont get antibiotics medication. I read that this bacteria is mild and not very harmful but also quite resistant to antibiotics. Every urine test comes back negative with no infection and semen testing doesnt show bacteria either, only the expressed prostatic fluids come to the conclusion of this Pseudomonas Fluorescens. Your advice would be really helpful, thank you !

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Ayman Darrag
4:29 pm

This bacteria is a mild form and can be found really very prevalent.. I do not think it is causing your symptoms..
I recommend testicle USG to rule out varicocele or testicular inflammation, epidiymitis..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:20 pm

I disagree with your doctor as your pseudomonas fluorescens Is responsible for your problems , prostatitis is evidence enough that pseudomonas fluorescens is causing your problems, recommend taking antibiotics depending on bacterial culture results, notice that it is common to ignore pseudomonas fluorescens but not in your case
Good Luck

7:43 am

this organism is labile and causes very mild subclinical inflammation and infection.
It is not life threatening for sure and the present symptoms seem to be unrelated.
broad spectrum antibiotics with prostatic biopsy will help.

Masr Fawzy
5:46 pm

U need to do US
It could be stone, nonseptic inflammation,…