I have osteoarthritis my hips literally lock and I can not get up?

I am 66 years old, white, female and until this past summer of 2016, had rarely seen a doctor in 10 years. When I had MRI and X-rays of my back during the summer, I was told I have osteoarthritis of my back; primarily Lumbar 4 and 5 – degenerative disk disease – it was verified that it is not rheumatoid arthritis by blood work. Nothing was said about any disorder of the hips. Lately, if I sit too long as in even for 15 minutes or if I stand too long (while waiting on corner for light to change) – my hips literally lock and I can not get up out of the chair and if I am standing too long, my legs try to lock – it is like I HAVE to keep moving or lay down for any comfort. I am five 5 8 and I have gained 22 pounds since all this started. I can still walk fine even though I am not sure what is good for me to do or not do. From what I have read, I think it is bursitis as it is in the exact location in each hip – would an X-ray or MRI show this?

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Ayman Darrag
7:37 pm

From your story in My opinion , you have either increased the severity of the arthritis in your back or due to the increased weight you may have developed lumbar disc bulge,or protrusion,this need s to be confirmed by a new MRI ,Physiotherapy is the treatment of choice for your case,,bursitis is not to cause all of the pain,, it is aside the inflammation of the area but not the main cause of pain ..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:22 pm

In my opinion MRI can show bursitis, however it can be osteoporosis complicated to osteoarthritis, so I recommend bone mineral density, calcium + vit D supplements + physical therapy can fix your problem
Good Luck

4:49 am

similar to the osteoarthritis of the back,you may be having a osteoarthritis of the hip joints as well.
bursitis seems unlikely.
still,i would advice you an Xray of pelvis with both hips with an MRI as ell.
Depending upon the reports,we can decide further line of treatment.

Masr Fawzy
6:33 am

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis beside your overweight .. are your main trouble

U need to take osteocare, osteonate, decrease your weight, physiotherapy..

Get better soon 🙂