I use crutches after injured ankle, and foot becomes very red and purple and my foot begins to throb?

Last week I injured my left ankle from a heavy wood pallet fell off a stack of pallets and hit me on my left ankle. After the blow my ankle became very swollen and bruised. After the injury I was taken to the ER where the Dr did an X-ray of my ankle and said my ankle had a very bad Sprain. Well 9 days later my ankle is still bruised and swollen but my main concern is I am on crutches and everytime I use my crutches my injured ankle and foot becomes very red and purple and my foot begins to throb. My question i guess is is this normal for my ankle and foot to turn colors like this and does this sound like a broken ankle or a sprained ankle?

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Ayman Darrag
7:42 pm

actually i am doubting the truth that your problem was only sprain of the ligaments but i suspect also fissure or fracture, any way you should do an xray from ap and oblique views of the ankle,the coloration should have had subsided with ice application , rest and elevation,,,..
i recommend also an ankle splint, complete rest and elevation.. you can use antibruising creams and reparil tablets for the swelling twice daily.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:38 pm

In my opinion this sounds like broken ankle, notice that bone cracks can not be detected by x ray until one week after initial injury so I recommend another x ray and a cast
Good Luck

4:52 am

from the severity of the symptoms,it is less likely that this could be only a sprain.
A bone around the ankle may surely have been fractured.
Get a repeat Xray or a CT scan to confirm.
Only using crutches will not help.
you should be getting a plaster boot applied with strict non weight bearing and leg elevation.
take anti inflammatory and analgesic fibrinolytic tablets like trypsin,chymotrypasin,serratiopeptidase.

Masr Fawzy
6:37 am

Fracture is the main suspect for this, it can affect also the blood supply, repeat the x ray and do doppler on your foot

Get well soon 🙂