I have severe nose bleed, do I need cauterization?

I have been diagnosed with a sinus & inner ear infection & prescribed antibiotics. I went to the Doctor as I had a severe nose bleed, the blood was gushing out & pinching nose did not stop it for nearly an hour. He said the infection will have caused the nose bleed. Since then I have had five severe bleeds in two days, appear to be caused by movement, trying to lie down, brushing teeth. I have stayed upright in bed hardly moving & haven’t had a bleed now for around 12 hours although I feel as if it may happen if I move in the wrong way. I am currently in Turkey, so had to cancel my flight home & am now due to fly in 5 days. I am really worried that the flight could cause another severe bleed, which may be difficult/ impossible to stop, particularly if my bleeding is coming from an artery further back the nose as the nose bleeds are so severe & difficult to stop I am wondering if this could be the case. Should I delay my flight for a longer period so I have had time to fully recover beforehand? I am feeling so terribly scared, I have never had a nose bleed before & the severity of these is frightening! My blood pressure & temperature are normal & I am normal weight, age 61 usually in good health. The doctor here has said if bleeding doesn’t stop he will pack my nose or refer me for cauterization, but I really want to avoid this if possible, so am hoping by resting the bleeding may stop & nose heal naturally. Please help, I am so very scared. Thank you

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Ayman Darrag
12:14 am

First of all calm down, it is not life threatening issue, if you can postpone your flight then it is better doing it as the motion and pressure differences will make it worse.. Direct pressure is usually effective for stopping this epistaxis by applying pressure to the front of the nose. Nasal decongestants such as oxymetazoline or neosynephrine may also be used. Gently applying Vaseline or other ointment to the front of the nose with a Q-tip on a daily basis helps to moisturize the nose and prevent nose bleeds due to dryness. It is also very important to avoid… Read more »

Masr Fawzy
7:46 am

Cauterization would be a good option

However , we should investigate for the causes, may be you have something serious,.
Fo CBC , PT, PTT, INR …. Urgently

11:05 am

no need of cauterisation. apply ice packs with nasal decongestants.
Xylometrazoline can help.
take multivitamin tablets. avoid de-crusting or scratching.
moisturisers will help.
no need to panic.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:10 am

I see no reason to worry,
If you have like 4 days till flight i recommend that you apply ice to your nose , in the plane the upright sitting position will protect from further nose bleeds , try to apply ice to your nose on the plain as well , however by the book your problem needs cauterization , but i won t do it if i were in your shoes
Good Luck