My mother has fibroid, gynecologist suggested removal of vagina, need second opinion?

Sir, my mother has fibroid from 2-3 years ,from 24 th feb she started bleeding and bleeding continued for 10 days due to which her haemoglobin level decreased to 4.4 , she once fainted due to such low haemoglobin so we took her to gynecologist and she immediately advice blood transfusion (4 units of blood in span of 26 hr)
Now after transfusion her haemoglobin level is 9.2
I have 2 question
Firstly i will tell you she is in completely bed rest at home from 2 days now i.e no work no walking (she used to do evening walk of 1/2 hour) no exersise and yoga.
1. After blood transfusion she is normal (apart from weekness) , doctor also gave medicine and injection to stop bleeding
Now question is she started drinking water all time after blood transfusion i.e 2 litre during night time from 10 pm to 6 am. Is this normal (nothing strange apart from this )

2.related to fibroid, what should we do next , gynecologist at 2015 suggested removal of vagina ,but my mother is afraid of doing so , hence we moved to ayurvedic doctor who gave medicine now fibroid size is reduced to 1/4 th (i think 1/2 mm now), but bleeding is getting worse as time passing -should we continue ayurved or do the operation.

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Masr Fawzy
6:50 pm

I recommend hystrectomy, as this is a life threatening condition
Regarding the excess drinking of water, I suggest to start by doing her random blood sugar, is there increase in the frequency?? Also she needs tonics – iron supplements-

Hope she gets better v soon

Ahmed Fawzy
9:48 pm

1-Drinking alot of water is normal
2-vaginal removal is the best choice as other medications used in this case are temporary and have destructive effect on bones
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
12:09 am

In my opinion ,I think you should go with surgery because it may complicate to something worse..
It is normal and OK to drink plenty if water at night.
Is there any night sweat or frequent urination?

2:38 am

1.yes its normal to drink 2 L water within this period.
anemia,blood loss leads to dehydration and it can cause her to get thirsty.

2.Surgery? yes.In my opinion she needs vagina and uterus removal immediately although her fibroid size is reduced to some extent with ayurvedic treatment.This size reduction is temporary and may again increase and lead to more complications.


Dr.Honey Arora
6:55 am

Thanks for the query..

Well, even if after size reduction of fibrous there is excessive bleeding then the best way to resolve the problem completely is to get Hysterectomy done..
Also she needs continuous monitoring of her Haemoglobin levels as sudden fall can be fatal..
For excessive water drinking it can be due to either severe dehydration or increasing blood sugar levels which needs to be investigated by a Physician..

Hope this helps..