I am suffering from Epigastric pain…what’s wrong?

I am 20 and I have bloated abdomen feeling for months especially at night, and if i cant pass out the gas it will cause pain in my upper abdomen (in epigastric). usually the next morning I’ll have loose stool. sometimes it last for a week then I am having a normal bowel movement the next week. it seems like eating milk trigger this bloating but I’m not sure myself. Whats wrong with my digestion ?


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I have bad pain and swelling in leg and notice blood clots on thigh?

I have bad pain and swelling in leg and notice blood clots on thigh.

Hello Doctor, Recently I noticed blood clots on leg near femoral artery. I went to ER and they prescribed Xarelto for clots (in the ER) . After a month my prescription ended, I went to see my primary care physician who took me off because my hemaglobin was low (8.7) and he said he believed I was in danger of a heart attack. I still have closts, should I stay on Xarelto or do like my doctor says and stop?