I was told that I need a biopsy in my left breast, but I have no palpable masses?

I am a 57 year old female who has had annual mammograms since 40. On about 5 occasions I have been called back for a diagnostic mammogram and or sonogram. Everything at that point had been normal. This year I was called back to have a sonogram in my right breast after having a 3d mammogram. I have no palpable masses. My Dr. went ahead and ordered a bilateral sonogram. Upon receiving my results I was told that I need a biopsy in my left breast; the one that they had not seen anything on the 3d mammogram and my right breast was fine. I’m confused. If my Dr. Had not ordered the bilateral, would I have been given the all clear? Should I be having sonogram with my annual mammograms every year? Of course I’m having biopsy.
I’m very pro active with my healthcare.

The doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis and prescribed me with a course of doxycycline for 7 days?

I am a male and aged 20 and a few weeks ago I went to the doctors with shooting pains in my testicles and groin area. The doctor diagnosed me with Epididymitis and prescribed me with a course of doxycycline for 7 days. However I felt like I was having side effects such as feeling sick, dizzyness and small chest pains. I returned to the doctors today and without even checking me over he prescribed me with Ciprofloxacin. However after looking online I am starting to fear I have cancer. Not only do my testicle symptoms suggest cancer, but pain in the stomach and upper chest apparently signify that the cancer has spread. Should I be worried about cancer or is the pain in my chest a result of side effects of doxycycline. The pain seems to happen after eating and drinking, however sometimes comes on randomly.

I have history of Multiple Myeloma when I get up from sitting I take one step get off balance?

Hi, I’m (…) 57 yr. old. History multiple myeloma, have defibrilator, low blood pressure. Meds: omeprazole, baby aspirin, Coumadin, amiodarone,fleccanide, lisinopril, neurontin, Ativan, metropolol. What has me concerned is blurry vision, which is a side effect of fleccanide, but it’s mainly left eye. Also when I get up from sitting I take one step, get off balance, weak and walk like a drunk person. Have not fallen but come close, walk Into chairs. This is occasionally.

A year ago I found a large lump top of my right breast?

My name is (…) and I am 19 years old. I gave birth 3.5 years ago, and that was the only time I needed medical attention in my life. A year ago I found a large lump, about 2 inches long and half an inch wide, in the top of my right breast. I have no medical insurance, therefore no doctor will see me. I also cannot get a mammogram because I am so young. I don’t know what to do. I am worried sick and constantly exhausted. All I ever want to do is sleep. I’ve been eating healthy and I cut pop out of my diet, however I still just don’t feel right. Please help me.

I had thyredectomy for papillary thyroid cancer 3 years ago?

Hi, I am 76 years old.I had thyredectomy for papillary thyroid cancer 3 years ago. Post surgery and Rai treatment Ihad blood tests.my thyroglobulin level was 0.0410 months ago ihad the tests again hyroglobulin 0.04,tg-ab 1.8 and TSH 0.0083.I also had neck ultrasound which was normal.A few days aga I had tests again thyroglobulin 0.068,,anti tg 27 and TSH 0.52. I am taking 100 mg levothyroxine tablets 2 times a we and 75 mg 5 times a week. I have an appointment on 20th march with my doctor.I will also have neck ultrasound on the same day.since last year I deceased my levothyxone meds because my TSH level was too low and was sweating excessively.
Do I have a recurrence. I am really worried. Please could you help?

I have recently had breast surgery, removal of calcium deposits with cancer cells?

Hi, I have recently had breast surgery, removal of calcium deposits with cancer cells. I have recently found out that a magnesium deficiency can contribute to these calcium deposits, would it be wise to take a magnesium supplement after I have had my radiotherapy. I wasn’t on any medication before this and I don’t know yet what I will be on after radiotherapy. I have tried to add more magnesium in my diet already.
Thank you.

I’ve recently gone to the dentist and said they found oral cancer?

I’m a 22 year old female who doesn’t smoke or drink. I’ve recently gone to the dentist and they used a blue light and said they spotted something on my soft palate and said it could be oral cancer. I’ve had this spot for a while (years ) and figured it was from sucking the roof of my mouth or clicking it with my tongue when my allergies act up. Again the spot never really goes away and it doesn’t bother me. It’s pretty crush feeling there is some white spots around it.. From what I’ve read online im scared it could be oral cancer. My question is does this look like a oral cancer lesion from the pictures I posted? What are the odds of my getting oral cancer being that I’m only 22 and does not smoke or drink? (it’s that small dark dot behind the big lump on my hard palate)

How to treat leiomyosarcoma and rectal cancer at the same time?

My 54 year old wife had been battling stage 4 leiomyosarcoma for the past 10 years. She has tumors in about 8 locations, lung, stomach, limbs, bone. It has been slowly advancing and is chemo resistant. Now if you can believe it she has rectal cancer with invasive adenocarcinoma. It was removed w/o clear margins through TAE. It was 5 CM, poorly differentiated cells, invaded perirectal tissue, invaded perineural, and has suspected lymphovascular invasion. How in the heck does she attack both at one time. TY

My husband has stomach cancer he refused treatment,now he is unable to eat solid food?

My husband has stomach cancer he refused treatment,now he is unable to eat solid food , today he has diarria and feels like throwing up ..how long will it be before he dies ..getting weaker.. Cancer was found after he had a heart attack 6 weeks ago ,they found blood in stool and did a biopsy that they found cancer ..he is 79 yrs old..

I had yearly pap yesterday, doctor says discharge may be yeasty, frightened it is cervical cancer?

Hello I am 43, I have had regular pap smears yearly. I have had one child 20 years ago vaginally, and one 14 years ago c-section. I have always had discharge, nothing too alarming to me, sometimes, its watery, sometimes its clear, mucosy, every once in a while its thick white/light yellow. But out of a month, other than when my cycle ends, I pretty much experience some sort of discharge. I had my yearly pap yesterday, and the doctor put in speculum, then said, you have thick discharge in here, I’m going to clean it out. She cleaned it out with a big qtip, then said “i can’t tell if its yeasty or not”. She finished the pap, and that’s it. Now I looked up discharge, and all say cervical cancer. I’ve had all kinds throughout the months, but I always thought it was normal. Now I’m frightened. Any advice?

Diagnosed with breast cancer, will a natural remedy wellness clinic work?

My aunt has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. can you kindly explain what this measurements are on the biopsy report? 5s/2c and further stated 1.3 x 1.1.

She is planning on using another method of treatment at a wellness clinic called Utopia in Florida, which treatment involves natural remedies and vitamins minerals etc, for a period of 8 weeks. If it is not successful, will her cancer spread during that time? How fast does cancer spread?

I have Acoustic Nouroma Tumour, should I have full surgery or partial with radiation?

hi i`am a 31 year male that has been diagnosed with an Acoustic Nouroma Tumour which is 4 inches in size, that sits next to my brain stem 2 options for surgery 1) full removal with lots of risks 2) Middle of tumour removed with radiation but unsure how much radiation had when was a child with all cancer please advise on what choice I should make very unsure I have no records of how much radiation I have has in Sydney Children’s Hospital In 1989-1991.