Question: I lost too much weight. How do I stop?

i! I am a 56-year-old female who is a chef in a very busy restaurant in NY. I get a full physical annually. Hey, at my age it is all about maintenance and early detection. I am 5’8″ tall and small-boned. I am half Dominican/West Indian and half German. Up until last year, my bloodwork and colonoscopy results showed no alarming signs. I was perimenopausal with 2 very juicy fibroids that caused me to be temporarily anemic due to months of near hemorrhaging which was relieved through laparoscopic hysterectomy. I recovered quickly and returned to work, but thought that I had sciatica and arthritic knees. This was due to a significant weight gain. I was weighing in at 220 pounds, the heaviest I’ve ever been. No wonder my knees hurt, right?
Anyway, enough background info. Here is the present issue. My most recent bloodwork resulted in a diagnosis of being prediabetic. Many Americans are getting this news from their primary physicians these days, but I was apparently dangerously there. I was sent to a nutritionist and have been following instructions religiously. I lost 40 pounds fairly rapidly and lowered my numbers to my physician’s satisfaction and delight. HERE IS THE PRESENT PROBLEM. I have lost an additional 13 pounds and have been told by those who I trust that it is time to stop losing weight. My father and boyfriend are a bit concerned that this is getting out of hand and worry that I may develop an eating disorder. After a lifetime of being a voluptuous gal, I can NOT believe that this is happening. However, I am educated, well-read and am well-aware of what this problem can become and am desperately in need of sound medical advice.
How do I maintain the necessary, carb-conscious eating habit which has now become second nature, yet stop losing weight? Is it about an occasional slice of pizza or bowl of rice? Should I be terrified of regaining weight? Because I am but I know that I must address this issue before a problem develops.
The weight loss has to stop without a weight gain taking place. How do I do this? HELP!!!

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Question: How to control my high blood pressure?

I am a 27 year old male. I am a (…) by profession and I wanted some expert advice regarding my Blood Pressure. i was diagnosed with excessive blood pressure at the age of 19 and have been prescribed different medicine ever since. Initially I was on Inderol but later I was prescribed exforge by a different doctor. My normal BP range is around 160 by 115. Are there any natural ways of controlling my BP?

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Question: I look like a 12 year old child but am 19 years old?

Hello sir or mam. My name is (…) age 19. I have very small chest frame size and very very small hand bone size looks like a stick and also poor muscles.If you talk about diet.I take a good healthy diet and fruit also.I have tried everything sir every single thing like a good diet, workout, and every type of supplements like proteinex, mass gainer,enduramass.But I did not gained a single kg. My height is normal 5 feet 2 inches.I look so thin and despite my age I look like a 12 year old child.I feel ashamed.Is this a growth hormone deficiency problem? Can hgh injections cure me. Please help.

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Question: I’m completely debilitated when I’m sick, why?

I don’t get sick very often because I don’t go out my house much. But whenever I’m around someone who is sick, I almost always get it. Once I’m sick, I can’t leave my bed, the weakness and sore throats are crippling. Also every time I get sick I get horrible post nasal drip and chest congestion at night that leave me miserable. I see people who are sick all the time who go to work, and are out and about. They may not feel the greatest but they have the ability to get up. It feels like I’m completely debilitated when I’m sick. Why is this? Does it has something to do with the strength of my immune system.

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Question: Bad pain in my thoracic – orthopedic doctors baffled

Have pretty bad pain in my thoracic, neck too but thoracic is very bad. The pain goes through to my chest and this is on the left side. Have done stress test and EKG to rule out heart. Have done xrays AND MRIs and each area, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. I’m a 54 year old male and these images show not much more than degeneration of about a 60 year old. I also have some tingling on my left side and under my left armpit. Just had facets injections at T5-T7 with zero results. 12 years ago I had a herniated disk in low back, had epidural and has been relatively ok in low back. Occasional minor pain but nothing major. ALOT of pain in my thoracic near shoulder blade….worse when sitting or trying to reach up or behind my back. I’ve been to 3 different ortho doctors and all are somewhat baffled.

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Question: Red eye after cornea transplant?

Hello, I have had a cornea transplant nearly 1 year ago, and had woke up 4 days ago with red eye in the treated eye, i have been to see my specialist who advised that its in the early stages of rejection and needs to be treated with steroid drops (Something in which I’m steroid receptive, meaning i also need to take another drop to reduce the pressure), but my concern at the moment, is i have extremely cloudy vision in that eye since the redness, should I be worried?

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Question: Abnormal discharge during my pregnancy

Hi i am 24 years old . I am pregnant 22 weeks now . I have an abnormal discharge during my pregnancy. The third time of the abnormal discharge i get tested. And the results found bacteria diplococcus gram negative. So my husband get tested too with his urine. But the results found out nothing. I have been monogamous on this relationship five years. I don’t have sex with anyone except my husband. How come i am the only one who get infected ? My gynecologist told me its possible get it from public toilet because during pregnancy immune system is weak . Is that true ?

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Question: Acid reflux with swollen rib cage

My husband has had acid reflux for months/years. He has started eating smaller meals etc. He now has a throbbing feeling on the left side under his rib cage, which is swollen too. It is visible and can be felt if you look or touch. Could this be an ulcer or is it his spleen? Any help could be appreciated…need to know if a gp visit would help or to go straight to the hospital?

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Question: I’ve been abusing a drug called coricidin cough and cold for about 2 years now

Hello my names (…), I’m 22 years old, 6″1 190 pounds

i want to know if i should be concerned about a possible serotonin syndrome,

Ive been abusing a drug called coricidin cough and cold for about 2 years now, taking a 480 mg dosage of DXM daily.
I notice that i get very tired throughout the proceeding day of coming off the drug, unless i take it again. I also notice that i get more sick, day by day, if i don’t use it.. I have gone a full week or two without using it, but my problems get more severe as the longer i sober up. My withdraw symptoms are heavy sweating, random muscle spasms and twitches, sleep paralysis of which makes me fear sleeping. I have a sharp pain where my breast are, it starts to hurt the more i sober up, but once i take them again the pain goes away.
My heart rate seems to be irregular often times.

do i need medical attention? should i be concerned? I’m going to stop today and i want to know if there’s anything i can or should do to help my withdraw symptoms.

I am prescribed 20 mg lisinopril,due to my high blood pressure and hypertension. I’m 22 years old and my blood pressure is always high. usually 100-110 / 150-170.

Should i be taking lisinopril? A couple weeks ago i was driving on my way to the dentist, and i had a strange occurrence. My fingers starting locking up, than it spread to my hands, arms, feet, and legs. my body was locked, i was unable to move my fingers and toes. My hands were like a fist, i literally had to use all my energy juts to move one finger. after 10 minutes my body calmed down and i was okay.

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