My son has been sick for about 3 days now?

So my son has been sick for about 3 days now, here are his symptoms
Fever (High of 100.5)
Super sore throat, can barely swallow.
Lumps on the back of the throat, pinkish red
Swollen tonsils, not swollen all the way. just a bit.
Hurts to swallow.
Painful headache, the worst I’ve ever seen. He normally sleeps on his side, but he couldn’t, it was too painful, even after he took a pain reliever, couldn’t even look at our computer, it made it worse, now he still has the headache.
No appetite.
Thick mucas
Bit of a cough
Bit of a stuffy nose.


I had Rubella during pregnancy, will child be crippled or abnormal, should I get an abortion?

I am a married woman of 27 years’ age. My weight is 75 kg and height 5 feet 6 inches.
Since Nov 16 I have been trying for pregnancy. After that my regular menstrual cycle of 28 days used to get delayed by 6 to 10 days.

However, my last menstrual period started on 23.02.17. On 24.03.17, I noticed some red rashes on my face and upper part of body with over 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature. I didn’t go for any test or Doctor. I took one or two anti-allergic tablets as i previously had little bit allergic problems with chilli or hot things. After two days I was o.k.
However, as my menstrual cycle didn’t recur, I went for USG test on 20.4.17, and it confirmed me as pregnant and detected a single live fetus of approximately seven weeks one day.
However, my doctor advised me to undergo rubella IgG test along with certain other routine tests.

All other test reports were o.k.
But Rubella IgG test done on 18.4.17 in A LAB showed the result to be Positive (340 IU/ml) Reference range used was: <10 IU/ml=negative, 10 to 15IU/ml=equivocal, >15IU/ml=positive. My doctor told me that I was immune against rubella, so i need not be worried and should not go for rubella IgM test (as i had recent history of red rashes) since it can’t be detected so late.

I was not satisfied, and on 27.4.17 I went for both rubella IgG and IgM tests done in ‘B’ Lab. The result was anti Rubella antibody IgG: 308.61IU/ml……reference range used is negative: <10.0, positive >10.0.
Anti rubella antibody IgM was: 121.43 AU/ml…reference range used is negative: <20.00, positive >25.00, equivocal: 20.00-25.00

However, I was perplexed and I wanted to be sure about my rubella infection.
On 4.5.17, again I went for both rubella IgG and IgM tests done in ‘A’ lab. It detected rubella antibody IgG as 291 IU/ml….Reference range used was: <10 IU/ml=negative, 10 to 15 IU/ml=equivocal, >15 IU/ml=positive.

It also detected rubella antibody IgM as positive (1.50)….Reference range used was: <0.8 index =negative, 0.8 to 1.2 index =equivocal, >1.2 index=positive.

Sir, my question is do you find any inconsistency in the reports of different labs for tests done on different dates? Why is rubella IgG which stays lifelong unchanged is decreasing? And the most important question is will my Baby be affected by this infection which occurred in early pregnancy? I don’t want to give birth to a crippled or abnormal child.But it is my first pregnancy. What should I do? Should I go for abortion? Will it cause any problem to my future pregnancy? After how many days of abortion, I can try for next pregnancy? What steps need to be taken after abortion in this regard? Please advise.

My daughter has hypotonea what can I do to help her core muscles?

I am a mum of two my young daughter who is nearly 12 months old had hypotonea she can’t crawl yet and her speech is delayed her father has dyslexia and dyspraxia was just wondering if it’s linked by chance what can I do to help her I believe it’s her core muscles that need toning what do I do I get frustrated cause she wants me to move her around all the time she gets frustrated cause she can’t communicate everything I do for her is a guessing game I’m at my wits end please help me

My granddaughter has been diagnosed with Coxsackie disease?

My granddaughter is 2 years old has been diagnosed with Coxsackie disease on Wednesday of last week she ran a fever of 102 for a couple of days. They went to the doctor the doctor told her what it was. She has ran a mild fever since Sunday, they went to the ER on Sunday and they up the medication as far as between doses but her gums are bleeding and she is so miserable today she has diarrhea they give her an IV bag of fluids in the hospital said her lab work came back good. She was not dehydrated yet the doctor said. Her cannot see her today but sometime tomorrow my daughter does not know if she needs to take her back to the ER today because she is so miserable and her mouth is bleeding so much.

My 4 week old son fell today from the bed, ER says no CT scan possible, I need your recommendation?

My 4 week old son fell today from the bed while being fed. The height of my bed is roughly 60-70cm… Got a bump on his head exactly on the rear top right side… We took him to the ER where they kept him for observation for 4 hours by only doing physical examination for his body, head and checking his reflex… they ask me to keep an eye if he is vomiting or feeling sleepy etc… As an infant, they are always sleepy, however no vomiting at all… he only cry at the time of eating, but i feel is crying voice is more of pain rather than hunger… The attending told us he wouldn’t do a CT scan if it was his kid… I need your recommendation please… Thanks

I have a 9 year old daughter who suffered some sort of seizure yesterday?

Hi I have a 9 year old daughter who suffered some sort of seizure yesterday. We were sitting down when I realised that she was hitting her chest and was really pale. When I asked her what was wrong she wouldnt respond. She stopped hitting her chest but for the next ten minutes she seemed that she was detached from reality. She
was looking through me, would not respond to any questions, as I put oxygen mask to her mouth she started talking and answering my questions. On the way to hospital she felt so tired and wanted to fall asleep and complained about a head ache. Doctors checked her sugar levels, urine and blood and everything was normal. She did vomit once while at hospital. We took her home and she had head ache for the rest of the night. Next morning everything went back to normal. Doctors could not tell us what was wrong. Any help from you would be more than welcome.

My baby’s arms measure 7 weeks behind and her legs 2 weeks behind?

Good afternoon,

I am a 39 year old woman and im currently pregnant at 30 weeks but my baby’s arms measure 7 weeks behind and her legs 2 weeks behind. Ive checked for down syndrome it came out negative other than that the baby is healthy everywhere. Does this specifically have to mean dwarfism??
Both her father and i are tall

My son, Age 7 years, shows unexpected occasional shivering?

Hi Doctor
Thank you very much for this service.
My son, Age 7 years, show unexpected occasional shivering. First shivering was observed two years back when he was sleeping, second one 6 months back when he has started bathing. Yesterday, when I took him for swimming for the first time also he started shivering.
He is lean with normal body weight, normal development and physical status.
I remember that when he was nearly 2 years, he slipped down on floor and back of his head has hit the floor and in the night he has vomited. May this incident has any relation with this shivering? Any nerve/ brain associated problem related to this?
What all may be the reasons for this kind of shivering and how I should be prepared and what treatment is required?
Kindly answer me because I am so much worried about this problem.
Thanking you in advance

I used ultra chloraseptic spray on my 7 year old daughter?

I used ultra chloraseptic spray on my 7 year old daughter and didn’t realise she had to hold her breath. She inhaled (gently, normal or even lighter breathing while I tried to get the back of her throat) on two or three occasions of using the spray. It was a few weeks ago, I didn’t think anything of it at the time but on closer inspection of the instructions when using it on her big brother today, I see it is vital to hold your breath. I am worried now that I may have caused her problems and googling answers is not helping my nerves… she has shown no signs of any concern but I wonder if I need to look out for anything?

My little boy who is 27 months has had tonsillitis for over a week now?

My little boy who is 27 months has had tonsillitis for over a week now he was given more antibiotics yesterday by our doctor however today all he has done is sleep he is only waking up for a couple of minutes very distressed then going straight back to sleep I’m wondering if I should be worried by this. As he never really sleeps much and he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since 9.30 am this morning

My son is six and gets repeated nose bleeds since he was little?

My son is six and gets repeated nose bleeds since he was little,my other kids dont,but he get big clots at time that come out as this something i should take futher steps in looking to see a doctor.i have sent a picture of the clot from today it is about 2inches long.thanx

My son had DTap, Polio, Chicken Pox, and MMR Vaccines now can barely move?

My son just got his vaccines today for his four year old check up. He got DTap, Polio, Chicken Pox, and MMR Vaccines. But since he got home from the doctor’s, he has been complaining about his thighs and legs hurting. He walks around limping and can barely move. What can I do to help him? Should I take him to the hospital?

My daughter has viral bronchitis for 6 days now calpol does not take away the pain?

hello I’m asking for my daughter her name is (…) born 29.09.2008 she has had viral bronchitis for 6 days now she has improved its at night she suffers with a bad cough she has now got a sore swollen lump just under her ear I’m assuming a gland but it is sore and enlarged that you can see it she has no temperature with it and calpol does not take away the pain?

My son has a history of azthma now has croup?

My son is 5 years old. He has a history of azthma. Today he was rushed to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. They said he has croup. My question is if it is ok to give cough medication to him. The night before our hospital trip I visited a local Medical Center and was told he had a cold and to give him cough meds. Could this have made him worse.