I had neck and back fusion c3 t2, surgery went bad, can I get bars out?

I had neck and back fusion c3 t2 I’ve been told that for my first surgery it was radical. I had surgery on April 20, 2016
Since this surgery I am in constant pain. I was told by my surgeon I would be able to do everything I use to. Well now I can’t work have weight limitations that stop me from doing the work I was promised by the surgeon. I was very worried about my range of motion, he the surgeon reassured me I would not have any problems. Well I do. I have dolts protruding of the back of my neck that sticks out a quarter of an inch. My shoulders arms and hands hurt worse than before surgery. I haven’t worked for nearly a year I feel so betrayed by this surgeon. I could have had a frontal surgery done without titanium bars down both sides of my spine but he convinced me that his surgery would be better to my benefit and better right better way of life I’d like to get these paid 20 + bars taken out of my back since it was an unnecessary procedure there is nothing wrong with my vertebrae is from C7 to T2 I went in and talked to him on August 18th 2016 and asked him about the titanium bars and why they did this since it was unnecessary The Doctors Associates said they did it because to prevent further deterioration. It was bad enough I feel I was lied to, no one told me what to expect after this surgery. The healing time I was told would be 4-6 weeks it’s been eight months. Is this malpractice or just a greedy surgeon. Everything in my back is so tight it hurts to move the shower to do anything normal that I used to do please give me some advice about having a surgery and Get These Bars taking out is that possible

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My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, now cloudy eye lens is it eye cancer?

Hi, my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 3 years ago. She is currently taking thalidomide and dexamethasone and some medications to control her diabetes and is doing well to keep the multiple myeloma condition controlled (lab results are good since she started taking thalidomide).

Few months ago she started having a swollen eye on her right eye and has been seeing multiple doctors and received different treatments that did not help. Recently she was referred to the autoimmune specialist and was told that the swollen eye was causes by autoimmune reaction and was diagnosed with anterior uveitis. She was then prescribed another medication.

Two days ago, that swollen eye got much worse and now there is a cloudy area on her lens. See attached picture.

Do you think this is a condition caused by her multiple myeloma condition or just severe anterior uveitis? Is there a possibility of her having eye cancer?

In addition, is there any treatment that can be recommended to treat her eye condition?

Thank you so much for any insight that can be provided.


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My 18 yr old daughter had a spinal fusion in June, now 7 months later she gets choked when eating?

My 18 yr old daughter had a spinal fusion in June. Two days afterwards she had bilateral swelling in the supraclavical area of neck. They are the size of lg eggs. The size changes daily. Now 7 months later she gets choked when eating and says the areas hurt. We have been to family Dr three times, two different ent’s, an endocrinologist. She has had ultrasound, MRI & been tested for Cushing’s. All of which were negative. Neurosurgeon says not from surgery. We have been told not going to die from it since it’s both sides, that its just fat, andi have noidea but its not normal. Please help my daughter! We are so tired of no answers!

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Do I have any risk in getting pregnant immediately after a miscarriage?

Hello doctor,

I am 31 years old. I would like to know if there is any risk in getting pregnant immediately after a miscarriage (second pregnancy with no previous history of miscarriage or complications). My pregnany was blighted ovum and naturally miscarried at 14 weeks with gestation of 7 weeks on ultrasound on 12 weeks check up.

Thank you.

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My leg has had spasms for some time, now I had total body spasm?

I am sorry if my text will have some mistakes (I live in Czech Republic) or it will be hard to understand but those things are insane. I am 16 y.o. girl. For a long time a have periodically (2 months =I have it, 3-4=I don’t) some problems with limbs on left side of my body. It started few years ago when I started feeling weakness and numbness sometimes. When I was just sitting and then I got up, my whole left leg got in some sort of strange spasm. My leg was numb at the beginning, because of numbness I couldn’t move my leg in the knee, even if I tried my best I couldn’t flex it. Then I felt plucking and a small pain. After maybe 10 seconds it ended and my leg just feeled very tired for a while, but then it was OK again. That is happening almost every time I got up, I start walking after still standing for a while (pedestrian crossings – this was dangerous sometimes!), OR when someone scares me, I change walking on running or many others. My left hand is “just” weak for a while, but it doesn’t have any starters.
I lived with those problems few years and doctors from neurology and orthopedics didn’t tell me anything so I just learned how to live with those struggles, but now I am really scared. Few days back I was sleeping and then one of my spasm came. Normally I don’t have to do anything and my leg is automatically straight even if I was sleeping, but at that moment my leg was slowly moving to my breast. I knew it shouldn’t been happening and I was quite scared so I tried to move it but I couldn’t move with anything on my body. I realized that I wasn’t able to breathe and my whole body was in a spasm. I was so scared. I was moving on my bed for a while, in my head I heard a horrible buzz. Then I don’t know how it ended and I woke up in the morning. That happened few nights after that again and today again. But I felt how my leg is moving and my neck was bending on my back (that was happening) and I moved. I felt how it was coming again and again and I am really scared. What is it?!

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I’ve had nasal polyps had them surgically removed now painful, what can I do?

Im a 24year old female and I’ve had nasal polyps in the pass and had them surgically removed and for the last fell weeks now I’ve been feeling a lot of pain and pressure on only the left side of me face with constant runny nose the mucus is mornings is a yellow hard rubbery texture to it and then later in the day it clear. I find myself always wiping my nose as it’s always dripping. For 3 days/nights my nose still runs but I feel it completely blocked, I’ve been having moderate pain on the left side of my face and only gets worse if I lay down especially on my side.

So my real question is what else am I to do. I’ve been using nasacort at bedtime and now even taking musanex for pressure and pain??

I have experienced permanent blurred light vision (over a year)?

While on the recreation street drug ecstasy, I got a massage. I was faced down and my eyes were pressured as the masseuse worked my upper back. Afterwards, I was sleepy and had to force my eyes open to stay awake. That’s when my eyes made a popping noise. After that, I experienced permanent blurred light vision (over a year). More specifically, bright LED lights at night are the only lights that will blur and only at a distance. What is the cause of my vision impairment, and is there a cure?

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I have bloody stools for 2 years is this irritable bowel syndrome?

Hello, I have been sporadically getting bloody stool (very light – light) for about 2 years. I have been taking medications such as buprenorphine, diazepam, birth control, zofran, and also recently trying out buspirone. The blood in my stool has started way before starting any of these medications, and the consistancy of the blood in the stool has stayed the same since starting any of these medications, so my belief is that my medications are not a contributing factor, but may be. Like I said, it is occasional, maybe 1 or 2 times a month, and is quite painful and I can usually tell if it will be a bloody stool or not. (I am highly constipated most of the time as I don’t eat or drink much or have many fiber rich diets so I use the bathroom for stool maybe 3 times at most a week, but usually less.) Some more information about me, I am 20, about 110 lbs, 5’0 ft, female, and have a chronic pelvic pain disorder that has been unidentified by many doctors, leaving me with my chronic pain medication, Belbuca (buprenorphine at a microgram level dosage) and I have just recently started that medication. I have started getting the chronic pain about a year ago and saw doctors, GYN’s, emergency room visits, and no solution but possible “fluid in the ovaries that should go away.” It has been a year and could possibly attribute to the bloody stool, but as forementioned, the bloody stool has been an issue for 2 years, so before the pelvic pain began. My question is, if this blood is occasional and highly likely from lack of water and fiber intake, should I worry contacting my doctor/pharmacist about this issue? Could it be something more serious? Could it just be irritable bowel syndrome?

I was diagnosed with gastritis I now have stomach inflammation?

I was diagnosed with gastritis this past April. I took omeprozole for 5 months then stopped. I started taking it again Monday. I have heavy pressure in my tummy area(upper abdominal) for the last week and a half. I’m thinking this is stomach inflammation? My GI is not available for 3 weeks. Do you have any suggestions for relief? I’m desperate. My diet has not been the greatest but I have been avoiding Soda and high fat foods. I do drink coffee in the morning. I can’t think of anything else I should tell you.

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I have asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Hi my name is (…) and I have a problem with not being able to get an erection I have asthma and copd it as been going on for months now and it’s really frustrating what can I do I am 54 years old and not really in good health I really need help

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