I suffer from olfactory hallucination (phantosmia) for over 20yrs?

Hi, I’m (…), 49yrs old. I have been having really strong smells olfactory hallucination (phantosmia) for over 20yrs.had a scan in 96 which showed only frontal lobe damage and it was left at that. A few years ago had my eyes checked and had another scan which showed nothing, not even frontal lobe damage.. weird.. was put on epilepsy meds in case it was that but I became elergic to 2 types of the meds was taken off them and that was that. It frustrates me nothing can be found wrong.. I feel I’m not believed or I’m looked at as a hypocondriact.. but it’s real and when it happens it’s really strong and I find it hard to breath when it happens. What is happening? Why does 1scan show 1 thing than on another scan it shows nothing? Please help. Thankyou

Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression trying to stop medication?

Hi, i’m a 18 years old male, was diagnosed with OCD and Depression when i was 13 and the doctor perscribed me Luvox. I took it for three and a half years without medical observations, i used to overdose. Once i took 700 mg. There are stressful days where i took 400mg. Anyway, this last year i revisited a doctor and he helped me stop taking it, and put me on Venlafaxine and Valdoxan instead. I’ve been experiencing headaches and lack of concentration over the past two years “while taking Luvox” and now on Venlafaxine aka Effoxor. I’ve been experiencing an extreme lack of concentration i used to do math much quicker and now i stutter at the simplest things, i forget more than often, i have headaches almost daily where certain parts of my head feels off. I was wondering if my overdosing on Luvox years ago could be a reason for this damage and is it permenant?, or is it common? I was wrong i know. But i was in a bad state. I appreciate the help i’d get.

Diagnosed with anxiety disorder, can anxiety make you have headaches and feel weak and tingles all day?

My systems started off as tingles and weakness for about a week then adding headaches everyday and sometimes hard to breath and dry mouth.i been to the hospital twice they checked everything on my body they said everything was good. They said I could have generalized anxiety disorder and I had low potassium so they gave me xanax and low potassium pills.. but I was wondering can anxiety make you have headaches and feel weak and tingles all day

4 year old girl with delayed milestones (speech) and convulsions, what can we do?

I have a 4 years old child (Girl) with delayed milestones (speech) and have been having convulsions when she has an infection. She is sometimes hyperactive she has been diagnosed to have mild autism.Currently we give her Tegrotol for convulsions. what can we do to help her catch up with her speech and to reduce hyperactivity and also to eliminate convulsions.

My antidepressants destroyed my libido, what other medication can help me?

I am 27 year old man and have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, although what troubles me the most is anxiety and depression. Very strong versions of them! I have been hospitalized 21st of October 2016. for 3 weeks in psychiatry because of intense stress which manifested as strong tremors and huge sweating without temperature. I am in really stressful condition basically whole past year and still. I take Geodon (ziprasidone) 2x40mg and fluvoxamine 150 mg, often abusing promazine as I have intense problems with falling asleep. After two weeks in hospital, on weekend release home, I took in desperation in two days 2 pills of Proscar (finasteride). I must be honest and tell that even before taking this two pills I felt huge decline in my sexual function. Since hospitalized couldn’t get any real erections… But when I took the pills it went all the way down. I lost all sexual functions including sexual thoughts. After 3 weeks of taking it I could maintain barely erection so when I masturbate I hardly orgasm. But I thought I was recovering. Now, since beginning of this year I became totally impotent, even strongest visual, aural and tactile stimuli couldn’t do anything not even little erection. So I got really psycho after that! I cried, I don’t know the reason which caused it! These two pills? Or what? Geodon and Fluvoxamine aren’t new in my therapy. In fact, they didn’t add or remove anything from therapy while I was hospitalized that last time. I tested my hormones which I am attaching to this question. It’s in Croatian, but you will know what each word means. It’s global language, medicine. Doctor told me I need to go to my psych immediately tomorrow for change of therapy. That it is the cause, receptors in my brain that hold me from getting erection and by the way I lost all emotions of love! I don’t know what it feels to be loved. So he suggested switching medicine. I was taking fluvoxamine whole my life since I got first symptoms, since I was 14teen. I just wanted to ask, is it possible that brain and depression, anxiety or whatever psyche did this to me? And shall I change both AD and AP or just change antidepressant? And which one I would be best on, since I tried once for few days paroxetine and I couldn’t orgasm at all! So no to paroxetine. Is there any antidepressant that would help me with severe depression and one that doesn’t destroy my libido or orgasm ability? I just still can’t believe that I became impotent and lost emotions just because of psyche. If you can, please explain it to me bit more, cause I really do not understand that it is possible. It’s like telekinesis! Doing stuff physical with psyche!

I’ve been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Insomnia, Staying Asleep, Headaches, Very Stiff/Rigid Muscles

My name is (…), I’m a 24 y/o female from Toronto, Ontario, CA

I’ve been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder back in 2015 after being Sexually Assaulted in 2012. At first, I’ve took Effexor XR in the morning and clonazepram in the evening back in Aug of 2015 till Jan of 2016. I didn’t experience any results, so my doctor took me off that and made me take Lexapro for 6-8 weeks. I felt like my serotonin levels were beginning to become stabilized, and my mood was fine. When I took it again in the Spring of 2016, I didn’t experience the same results as I did before, so I got off it around Nov-Dec of 2016.

Since Mid-Dec, I’ve been currently taking Paroxetine (10mg for the first week, and 20mg for remainder of), and I’m having the WORST experience of my life. Since completing Paroxetine this month, I’ve had daily thoughts about suicide, negative thoughts about my daily life, daily anxiety attacks, not being able to cope, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Insomnia, Staying Asleep, Headaches, Very Stiff/Rigid Muscles, Bone Pain, Sweating, Fainting, Dizziness, Daily Confusion, Fast Heart Rate (sometimes, it would come out of no where, like my anxiety attacks), Loss of Appetite. Mood wise, I’ve been Irritable, Agitated, Impulsive, Aggressive, Depressed, and Hostile.

I don’t know what to do or who to go to. I’ve never experienced anything that bad in my life. I don’t think this is what someone with anxiety should go through, and I strongly don’t think these are side effects. I don’t think my doctor understands how bad my anxiety was before I got to this medication, and she obviously may not get it now. After all, she’s a travel doctor. I need all the help that I can get. Please help me!

We lost our only daughter 1 year ago, I have severe upper back pain, head ache,memory loss and difficultly breathing?

I am 28yr old. We lost our only daughter 1 year ago, she was our only hope and purpose of living, and our life. She was only 5.11yr old. She had viral fever, after few medical tests, medicines and treatment it became normal and suddenly at night she passed away within few seconds. We couldn’t do anything. Since then we lost our hope and belief on every thing and everyone. Few months ago we expected the same baby but it got abortion with no reason. Then had surgery for cleaning and complete abortion. Since then we completely lost trust and hope on life. Since then I feel weak in my palm and feet, I feel swelling and difficult to close fist and pain. I feel difficulty in breathing, I can’t breathe like before. Sometimes at night I feel so hard to breathe like going to die. I have severe upper back pain, head ache. And memory loss. Sometimes can’t remember about the breakfast which I ate. Can’t do any work. Digestion problem. Lot of confusion. No trust on anyone. Sometimes I feel like slight shock in chest and can’t breathe or move for sometime, it’ll be painful. I feel my entire body weak. What do I do?

I’m hardly eating anything and when I do I feel nauseous?

Hi, I am a female age 23. My name is (…), I am currently taking no medications but I do have a Nexplanon birth control implant in my left arm.

I have been feeling very ill lately, and it usually gets worse if I eat. I do feel hungry, but can only eat a few bites and then I feel sick. Recently its been getting worse, I’m hardly eating anything and when I do I feel nauseous but I also started feeling a burning pain in my lower back, shoulders, neck and even in my jaw. Its almost like a tightness, but its hot and hurts. It was really bad today to the point I almost passed out. The pain usually lasts 15-30min and then goes away and then I just feel nauseous.

I suffer from dyspnoea with muscle cramps in arms and feet?

Nationality: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt

I suffer from some symptoms which can be summarized as the following:

-Dizziness and continuous headache.
-Ear fullness and tinnitus.
-Blurring of vision.
-Numbness sensation in the back.
-Pricking sensation in both legs.
-Amnesia, dyspnoea and numbness involving the areas of chest
and abdomen.
-Disequilibrium and drowsiness.
-Pain, crackling in the jaw with closed-bite malocclusion.
-Muscular cramps are present sometimes.

An incident:
I was smoking a cigarette and suddenly heard chest wheezes; then
dyspnoea took place, accompanied with muscle cramps in both arms
and feet, as if electrically shocked.
I suffered to reach the definite diagnosis which explains the
above mentioned symptoms.

The local doctors diagnosed my case as:
-Jaw dislocation,
-Anxiety and stress; (and this is untrue because I don’t experience any
stresses or dysphoria, and I feel psychological stability).

I’m completely ready to do any clinical, radiological or laboratory
investigations to reach the accurate diagnosis for my case.

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I have postpartum depression/psychosis, is this a hormonal imbalance I can cure?

I have a six months old did a c-section and 3 days after coming from the hospital, i felt stressed, sad. I was not treated good in the labour room and after I had the baby.
While pushing I heard like something cracked in my lower back. Then I had suicidal thoughts, wanted to hurt other people and the baby. I was just overwhelmed. I have postpartum depression/psychosis. I have been going to several doctors and I have been on these medications: Valium 5mg, risperdone, epilim quetiapine amitriptyline, flouoxitine, stimuloton. These are both antidepressants and antipsychotics and none of them worked. I think my brain is chemically imbalanced and it might be from my hormones. They were not tested. They have said why I am suffering from it is because I was not ready for the child and blah blah blah. Btw I think it is more than that. I think I might be suffering from hormonal imbalance. Cause a lot of ppl has gone through more stress than me and they were not diagnosed with this.
> If it is a hormonal imbalance, by curing it, can it cure depression
> What do u think?

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When I wake up in the morning, I experience self-attacking thoughts and feelings?

52-year-old male. No known physical problems. Smoker. Recovering alcoholic. Currently take 50 mg Vyvanse and 1.5 of Klonopin. Have been diagnosed with general anxiety, OCD, ADD,and depression. Varying degrees of social anxiety. Prone to isolating. I cannot take any type of antidepressant at all without severe agitation; hence, Vyvanse is prescribed for ADD as well as last ditch “antidepressant.”

My question: Every time I sleep, day or night, I have strange dreams I can’t put a finger on. I’m often very sad anxious and in some type of bad situation. THEN then real problem. I awake in absolute terror. I am pretty much completely dysfunctional for at least half an hour to two hours. The Vyvanse generally relieves it when it kicks in. It’s as if my mind falls apart when off it. I never wake up happy to face the day, excited, etc., but instead face this each and every morning. If I nap in the day, I will awake with the same reaction AGAIN and, even though Vyvanse is still active, or should be, it’s as if it wore off. This lessens if I sleep longer but I’m prone to very much less than normal hours of sleep. I may even sleep less the more exhausted I am. I suspect some of it’s psychological, a lot on my conscious from my alcoholic days, plus I have never been single this long and it is not by choice. Nevertheless, this is nothing like waking up in a bad mood. It’s a full-throttle sensory attack accompanied my self-attacking thoughts and feelings, as if I’m being destroyed, losing my mind. Once it passes, aside from fearing the recurrence on the worst days, I am “normal” except for my usual anxiety, mostly social. Can you tell me some possible causes and solutions?

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I have episodes where at first I feel really confused and then fall into a daze?

Hi, I’m 16 years old and from Denmark.
So, I’ll try my best to write in English. I’ve since spring this year experienced 5 time periods on a week each were I have been out of myself.
Half of the times it has been after drinking alcohol and other times just randomly.
In these 7 days were I’m having ‘this thing’ I at first feel really confused. It feels like my normal knowledge and polish has been left outside of a box i’m trapped in. I can’t figure anything out and I feel like i’m dreaming all the time: when people speak to me/or when i’m speaking to people, i do not seem to signal it all the time and i can actually end up answering with mumble.
I feel stupid basic and frustrated, because i can’t figure out why my brain won’t work and why I don’t seem to solve the normal stuff like knowing what time it is, putting on lipstick, finding stuff and even just figuring out how to speak without speaking in haze and feeling like i’m just dreaming. In the end of the period it’s the hardest: i’m so tired and i do not care about anything, because i’m tired of fightig my brain to stay ‘clever’ – i fall asleep almost every hour no matter where, and end up taking a day off because i just can’t take it anymore and i have to sleep, so i do not feel like i’m living in a world i can’t figure out how to live in.

I almost feel drunk, just in 7 days.
I’ve had an MR-scan but it didn’t show anything

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I am a 21 year old female who is considering going back on psychiatric medication?

Hello, I am a 21 year old female who is considering going back on psychiatric medication. At 16 I was diagnosed with manic depression, anxiety disorder, and ptsd. At 17 I attempted suicide and spent time in a mental hospital. However after being placed with my religious grandmother she took me off all my medication, and I haven’t been on any since. I have been very agitated, extremely depressed and anti social as of late. As a professional would you advise me to go back on medication.

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