I suffered an injury to my left middle shoulder, after treatment my pain is worse?

Hi, years ago i suffered injury to my left middle shoulder in the gym. A year ago I went to a physiotherapist (bioenergist) hoping he could help fix my shoulder. Instead of treating my shoulder directly He told me to lay on my stomach (so I did), and He went on top of me and started cracking my entire spine (bashing) forcefully. I didn’t know what cracking my spine had to do with my left shoulder problem, but ever since than i started to feel weakness in muscles of my sacral vertebraes all the way to my cervical vertebraes. I can’t sleep properly for months, i feel like I don’t have will for life anymore, everytime when I eat food I feel like I am going to suffocate on food, my neck muscles really loosen up, the back of my neck is shaking, I am having a hard time to breathe deeply, most of the muscles of my body are loosen up, I am breathing more through my stomach rather than I should breathe through my thorax, I feel like my back ribs are making pressure on my lungs, I can’t burp when I need to. The physiotherapist treatment made my life very difficult to live. I don’t know what to do. I am desperate. Could you please help me?

Medications: None

Been having digestive problems for over a year. Constipation or not feeling completely empty after bowel movements?

Been having digestive problems for over a year. Constipation or not feeling completely empty after bowel movements. Food sensitivities to soy wheat and diary. Stomach and guts feel inflamed and sore. Anxious feelings and can’t relax. Headaches and head tension. Lacking mental clarity. Lower back pain upon awakening. Tired and lethargic. Almost depressed like feelings because I never feel good. Have tried enzymes, apple cider vinegar with no improvement. Have tried multiple doctors who want to give me anxiety meds instead of diagnosing.
Age: 35
Medications: None

I am in a relationship with a an HIV positive person, what can be done to minimize the risk?

I am in a relationship with a an HIV positive person, we use protection all the time, we also do oral sex and that’s my worry, what are the chances of getting infected throw oral sex?

What can be done to minimize the risk?
I also want to know about kissing, we kiss a lot, that was before we found out about his positive status, and my negative one, can we gave a normal relationship without exposing myself to the virus?

I suffer from anxiety and depression and I am unable to sleep more than 4 hours, what can I do?

I am taking 1 mg Klonopin at night and 37.5 of Effexor 3 times a day for anxiety and depression which manifests itself with poor sleep and racing thoughts
. I have been on this for 2 weeks and I am still unable to sleep more than 4 hours a night. What else can I do?

I went out last night and overindulged in the alcohol, I’m afraid I will have a seizure or a stroke?

I went out last night and overindulged in alcohol. I drank way too much. Now it is 16 hours since my last drink and I still feel horrible. I am vomiting and I can’t eat. I’m shaking, heart racing, dizzy and light headed. I also am “seeing stars”. I have shallow breathing and I feel like I could pass out at any moment. Point being I have a horrible hangover. Question is, should I go to the hospital and tell them of my symptoms. I’m afraid I will have a seizure or a stroke or something. I generally do not drink this much so I am worried how I feel.
Medications: None

White growth in my throat, numb tongue (right side), very very dizzy, is it a stroke?

White growth in my throat, numb tongue (right side), very very dizzy. I also have
MS. Hope I’m not having a stroke. Parts of my body have been numb for 3 yrs. Getting worse (dizzy and lack of energy) for a month. I am almost 56 yrs old. Diagnosed with MS 3 yrs ago.

Medications: COPD meds, naproxen

I feel stunned and mentally drained, should I get an MRI?

I’m having this symptom everytime i’m talking for a time with friends or anyone. I feel stunned and mentally drained, it’s really bad. It’s not the tipical “feeling tired after hanging out” it’s something worse. I noticed that if i take a asprin before hanging out, it doesn’t happen at all or just slightly. So yeah, everytime i have to hang out with friends, i must take an aspirin to prevent this to happen. I also got this symptom trying to sing a song in my car and after taking several breaths. Yeah, after singing for a minute and taking breaths, boom i get this symptom (brain stunned and drained/tired) I really don’t know what’s going on, never had something like this before. I also noticed that if i drink something with sugar/caffein i feel slighty better. Has it something to do with brain oxygenation? I readt something about it and the symptoms are similiar. I suffered from long stress. Is it causing this? Someone suggested me to do a magnetic resonance. I really need to know what’s going on, i don’t think it’s right to take an aspirin everytime i have to hang out. Looks like “talking” causes it.
Medications: Nothing.

I have numbness and no sensation in my G-spot, what is wrong with me?

I have no sensation inside my vagina. I can feel my finger for instance going in but I cannot feel anything pleasurable. My clitoris feels fine upon stimulation, however, I get absolutely no sexual sensation inside my vagina, particularly the G-spot. What is wrong with me, and how do I fix this?
Medications: abilify

I’m concerned about the results of my blood work, please advise?

I’m concerned about the results of my blood work. Could someone go over it with me, Please? I know each lab is different, so I’ll list (normal) then what mine is.

Means Corpuscular Hemoglobin
(28.0-33.3 pg) 26.1 LOW
Mean Corpuscular HGB Conc
(31.6-35.5 g/dL) 31.4 LOW
Platelet Count
(140-400 K/mcL) 488 HIGH
Alkaline Phosphate
(38-126 Units L) 136 HIGH
(2.4-3.5 g/dl) 3.6 HIGH
Anti-Microsomal Antibody
(0.0-9.0 IU/ml) 25.2 A

T3 Total
(.58-1.59 ng/mL) .98
T4 Free
(0.70-1.48) 1.05

*each level is consistently getting lower if it was LOW and higher if it was HIGH

I do have an appointment, but again got a call my appointment has been pushed out. I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks now. Thank you

I have been taking gabapentin 900mg daily, left leg now has more swelling than right, please advise?

I have been taking gabapentin 900mg daily for 3 months and have developed edema in both legs. ( I read it is a side effect) Edema started almost immediately but drug is helping so I’ve continued taking it. Now my concern is this: Left leg has more swelling than right and now has slight feeling of pulling of skin and tingling. (not pain),but there is a slightly pink area on shin and down to ankle. Can the pink coloration be a normal part of the edema? Thank you.
Medications: gabapentin, actos metformen,lipitor,enalipril

Can Neophrotoxicity cause kidney failure, does it require surgery, please elaborate?

with Acetaminophen -and induced Neophrotoxicity, cause accute kidney failure/ injury and requires surgery for repair.? advised cause is between collecting chambers of the kidney and 2 blood vessels come out of one part of the kidney instead of separate origins.effects breathing and swollen legs..advised life threatening without operation..

My big toe nail started to turn purple about 2 weeks ago, is it serious?

My big toe nail started to turn purple about 2 weeks ago but it’s just on the right side of my toe nail, no pain and it seems to be on the skin directly around the nail bed and looks as though it’s slightly over the cuticle, do you think it’s serious? I don’t remember hurting the toe itself
Medications: None

My daughter had a baby a week ago , she’s in terrible pain?

My daughter had a baby a week ago . She went back to her Dr. 2 days ago and got restitched.
He gave her prescribed for her Percocet, peroxide
Flush,sits bath, ice to freeze it . She is still in horrible pain just crying from pain .
She says it’s a drop better . What can I do to help her ? No one should have to be in such pain for a week.

I have Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, how serious is this?

I am 64. Three years ago, I had a CT scan (or MRI) on my lungs to check for lung cancer (former smoker). It showed I had emphysema. I then went to Mayo Clinic in MI for assessment and was told it was mild and I may never be bothered by it.
Two weeks ago I did a sleep study at home. I did the unattended home portable study.
The Nurse called and said I did not have sleep apnea, but
The report states, “Primary Diagnosis as Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome”.
Report Results are:
02 sat less than 90% 481 minutes, less than 88% 202 minutes. Average 02 sat 88%. Average respiratory rate 12, pulse rate was about 65 plus or minus.
Respiratory events:
No obstructive apneas, 70 hypopneas.
AHI – 7.3 supine for 178 minutes AHI 7.1
Borderline obstructive sleep apnea G47.33
Hypoxemia G47.34
Recommendations 02 at 2L/min
Nocturnal oximetry study at 2 L/min

My question is, How serious is this, am I going to be dragging around an oxygen bottle in a couple of years?
How could I have “obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or Borderline obstructive sleep apnea if the results showed “no obstructive apneas?”
Being my AHI was 7.3 does that mean my case is “mild?” Is my oxygen saturation of 88% really bad?
I am 20-25 lbs overweight.

I get a headache when I concentrate for a long period of time?

I get headaches when I have to read something complex or long,memorize anything ,talk to more than one person or group of people ,try to study , even when to talk with someone in important issue.
when I know someone is going to tell me something that is important that I remember, I get an uncomfortable headache.
My biggest problem in exam period , It’s torture to study for days and try to concentrate and memorize things and on exam day it’s painful to recall things.
Medications: None