I get ear nose and throat problems once a month, what can it be?

Hi I get ear nose and throat problems once a month I start with ear and throat pain and then I feel like I have trapped liquid and get itchiness and at the same time I get nasal congestion and watery nose after a few days with those symptom I get sore swollen bright red tonsils with white sores and tonsil stones Im so confused and I dont know what it can be since I have so many symptoms at once and it has been going on for about 6 months

Age: 24
Medications: N/A

Woke up with severe pain in my elbow area, I had a deer tick, please advise?

Woke up this morning with severe pain in my elbow area, when I looked, I had a deer tick (yes I am quite sure it was a deer tick) so I removed it but the area is red, swollen, and a burning pain which has persisted now for 3 hours +. I washed the area well, applied triple antibiotic ointment but just wondering if I need to do anything further. The tick was NOT engorged and had probably only been on me for no more than 8 hours as it was not there when I went to bed the previous night.

Age: 56
Medications: Levythyrozine
General Information: Pretty healthy otherwise, no medical issues.

I have a Anxious personality is there any medicine which can help my Angina problems?

Hello I am 45 Years old Male, Known Hypertensive on Olmesartan 40mg daily one tablet,also Type 2 Diabetes Taking Tenepride M ( 20+500 ) 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at Night, Both BP and Sugar are in well control but i feel some Chest Pain ( May be Angina ) i explained my doctor but he gave me only Omez-D , I have a Anxious personality so is there any medicine which suits my problem of BP Angina pain Type2 Diabetes and Anxiety ?
Please help me, More over i am on Serta 50 for Aneity ( I dont want to take antidepressants )

Age: 45
Medications: Olmesartan -40mg, Tenepride M 1/2 & 1/2 Sertraline 50 + 50

I have been diagnosed with Spinal TB (Spinal tuberculosis) how to subside/reduce the pain?

I have been diagnosed with Spinal TB (backache was on for an year and little more than that) and was hospitalized. I have been sent home after medication since doctor said surgery is not required. Pain still continues and at late night (not all nights) become unbearable. What should i do to subside/reduce the pain?

Age: 45
Medications: Regular as told by Doctor

I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu, is it Aura or Epilepsy?

Hi I just need an opinion, the neurologist suggested amitriptyline or Sodium Valproate. She said either option would be fine. I’m on 150 mg zoloft so would need to be on a very low dose of either. The migraines are most likely related to my period so I’m also on the mini pill (cerazette), I experience severe headaches and vomiting and I get deja vu but they ruled out epilepsy and just said it’s aura.I’m nervous about trying meds. I tried propranolol but it made me depressed and didn’t work.

Age: 23
Medications: zoloft, ritalin, cerazette

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, can smoke from charcoal harm my baby?

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I am wondering about the harms of burning charcoal in the house. I have family members who smoke and although they smoke outside now, they burn the charcoal in the kitchen several times a day before taking it outdoors. Can this harm my baby if they are not actually smoking indoors and its just the burning of the charcoal?

Age: 36
Medications: progesterone

I am having memory problems, can it be a disease or medical problem?

i am 28 yrs old, i am male. I had a good memory few year ago, but nowdays i can memorize nothing, when i try to understand or read something i feel like my mind has blocked from mid of head, i cannot do a work for long time or can say i cannot concentrate for long time. it is happening with me from last 4 years.. i have remember all my memory of childhood or till 2011. after that i haven’t remember. whenever i want to study its like i am reading only not understanding. i want to ask is it any type of disease or else

Age: 28
Medications: no

I have an intermittent low hum in my right ear, please advise?

I have an intermittent low hum in my right ear only. It sometimes goes ‘on and off’ when I turn my head from side to side. It also sometimes starts if I press around my earlobe area. Sometimes it is in synch with my heartbeat and other times it is just a continuous hum. I have had my ear checked and my wax is normal levels and there is no damage to my eardrum. I am 49 yr old male.

Age: 49
Medications: Loperamide

I have a yeast and bacterial infection, now have a strange discharge?

I have a yeast and bacterial infection. My doctor prescribed me to take fluconazole orally for the yeast 3 times every 7 days and the bacterial infection with the metronidazole vaginal gel. My doctor wanted me to cure both at the same time. So they told me to do the cream and the oral pill until I finished. I finished the 5 days of the vaginal gel for bacteria and the first pill of yeast. I noticed I have a white clumpy substances coming out of my vagina. I feel more itchy But there is no odor at all and when I get yeast infections I never usually get a cottage cheesy discharge many people get. Is this normal? My doctor told me I was supposed to feel better by a week and the 5 days have passed. I just don’t understand why I have a strange discharge I never had before. Bacterial and yeast infections are common for me so I’ve started to take probiotics. But is the discharge normal from the medicine? Or it a bad side effect ? How long till I am free from this ?

Age: 21
Medications: Birth control

I suffer from serious digestive problems, nothing seems to work, need advice?

have ibs dyspepsia heartburn delayed emptying lactose intolerance gluten allergy been for all tests tried all meds otc prescription changed diet always getting worse am a shutin affecting my independence have stomach cramps bloating for 2 mths am taking cholesterol pill not that trazadone carbamazepine divalproex loxapine precacid cipralex. domperidone tried going without what condition does ongoing stomach cramps bloating sickness digestive problems point to.

Age: 39
Medications: loxapine divalproex cipralex carbamazepine precacid domeridone cholestererol med
General Information: been through all tests not side effects of meds. have prediebetes am overweight.

I’ve had this pain in my forehead which doesn’t feel like a headache?

Hi I’ve had this pain in my forehead since Tuesday which doesn’t feel like a headache I’ve had a high fever and then I’m very cold again I’ve also had a lose of appetite my tummy sometimes can also be very sore and tender and I’ve had moments when I feel sick. I’m getting slightly worried about this now and wondered what this could be

Age: 24
Medications: None
General Information: Coealics disease

I have been feeling weak, lightheaded,headache,confused, dry mouth, sleepy all the time?

Hi I was released from work 4 months a go and for last 3 month I have been feeling weak, lightheaded,headache,confused, dry mouth, sleepy all the time, I feel like I’m always thinks when I am sleeping, unable to concentrate in my new Job.
I have been to my gp and done blood test everything was good fine part from low platelets 132 but the doctors said that’s not the problem and everything is ok but I am still having theses symptoms and it effecting me every day

Age: 22
Medications: None

I feel a slight fluttering on my lower left side, pregnancy test all negative, please advise?

I am 52 years old and stop having my period a year ago. But for the last 2 weeks I’ve felt that butterfly feeling you get when you first feel a baby kick. If I look hard enough I can sometimes see a jump in my stomach Its off and on most days especially at night. I’ve had 2 children and swear it feels exactly the same. I’ve taken 3 home pregnancy test and all were negative. The slight fluttering is on my lower left side just above the bikini line and below the belly button. What could this be? I’m also on Adderal and I saw online that can cause false negative results. Also about 2 months ago I did have some slight bloody discharge for a few days but not a real period. Went to a clinic to be check for Std. Which was negative.

Age: 52
Medications: Adderal

Difficulty inhaling through nostril, is it a deviated septum from nasal fracture?

On Monday, Nov 20th, I woke up and stood up out of bed to stretch. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor. I typically run slightly hypotensive and must’ve created some kind of pressure change internally during the stretch. I fainted and fell onto the floor. Thankfully, I did not lose consciousness after hitting the floor and was not alone. My nose, although extremely painful and lacerated, was not deformed. My bf (an EMT) and I (nursing student) assessed the situation and deemed it necessary to seek medical attention at the time (4hr drive away from vacation location). Within a few hours, nasal swelling and facial bruising around and under the eyes became apparent. Although the pain has slightly subsided 6 days later, and the bruising is less, I am now experiencing difficulty inhaling through one of my nares. I am wondering if this is from internal swelling from the trauma done to the soft tissue or if I may have a deviated septum without an external deformity from an unconfirmed nasal fracture?

Age: 28
Medications: Multi-vitamin daily, 220mg venlafaxine daily
General Information: Past Medical Hx:
Major depressive disorder (controled)
No Smoking
No drinking
No illicit drug use
Other Symptoms:bouts of dizziness (sitting and standing)
Headache, nasal pain, difficulty breathing through R nare

Hepatitis B serology results, am I infectious?

Hello, I have a question about my hep b serology results. I was under the impression I have a chronic infect but the results are confusing to me as they indicate that I am immune and that I have cleared a past infection.

HBsAg: negative
HBsAb: 140 IU/L
HBcAb: positive

I have done research into the interpretation of
These results and I’m lead to believe that the presence of HBsAb and a negative HBsAg shows I am immune and that I cannot infect others with the disease.

My GP said that I am immune but couldn’t tell me if
I was a chronic sufferer and if I was infectious.

Any help would be appreciated.


Age: 35
Medications: None